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Featured Spindrift Champion
Ranked the #1 English Cocker Spaniel in June and July
of 2001. More here.

The English Cocker is a merry little dog who loves people. He is also a sturdy dog with great

intelligence who does well in obedience, field, tracking, agility, and serves as a great foot warmer. On the whole, he is a healthy dog with a fairly long life expectancy.

We care about this breed and wish to keep all the qualities that make it so endearing. That is why raising Spindrift English Cocker Spaniels has been our labor of love for the past 17 years.

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We also hope that you will use our Web site as a English Cocker Spaniel resource once you have a Spindrift English Cocker Spaniel puppy in your home. Spindriftecs.com has a lot to offer by way of breed information, books and pet supplies that we use and recommend, and more.


Sharon and Randy Reimann
Spindrift English Cocker Spaniels

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